Thursday, February 16, 2017

What would make you happy?

(Check the applicable answers.)
  • A different face
  • Less weight
  • More money
  • Better children
  • A spouse who cared
  • Parents who loved you differently
  • A more successful business
  • A kick-ass resume
  • Being someone else. Name:

Did you check more than two?

If Aristotle were on to something that we’re the quality of our thoughts, you’re doomed.

Financial profile-wise, I’m going to guess that you’re—

a) Really behind, and being honest about it, or;

b) Really behind, but making a great show of being ahead.

It sucks to feel behind all the time. You can’t be happy.
If you checked zero boxes, you’re probably one of those people who see green lights everywhere.

Yay you.

I used to think happiness equated to a sugary feeling. But now I see that I was an idiot. You’re happy when you feel secure and filled-up already. As is.

Everything from that point on is extra. Like whipped cream on top of ice cream. Just optional.

You say “yes” only to things that would bring joy to your life. You say “no” to a great many things.

You behave this way with your money too. If you already feel fulfilled, what do you need? Much less. Or, maybe you spend on different things than what you spend on now.

That might change your whole financial picture over time.

Many of us think of money as our problem. Therefore, it has to be the solution. But it can’t be. We waste so much of it on problems money was never meant to fix.

Like our happiness. Or feeling behind.

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